Supporting the Core of Construction

With 20+ years of experience, C’Square is a pioneer in the mining sector. We provide extraction and mining solutions. Our primary focus is on responsible mining and we adhere to all policies and laws laid down by the government for this sector. In keeping with our mantra of responsible mining and innovation, C'square brings you its Prized Innovation, Black Basalt Rock, Engineered Concrete Sand, Construction Aggregates (Metals) etc. This Engineered Concrete & Plaster Sand has the same properties found in river sand and is processed by crushing stones and boulders from our quarries. Its shape, structure, and water absorption properties meet the needs of the construction sector without straining natural resources.

We have our Own Mines & VSI Crushing Plant (Factory) at Vijaygadh Vada(Kudus) & Virar(Vasai) located near Mumbai (India) on a Large Scale; we manufacture Materials for Building Constructions, Roadways, Railways & Bridges, etc. The materials produced here are under Certified Construction Standards and Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS); with High-tech Technology & Superior World Class Standard, We also accept order of materials in Bulk Quantities.

C'Square VSI Manufactured Sand

The Key Features of this Sand are

  • Japanese manufacturing technology
  • Double-washed for better bonding with cement
  • Lesser curing time as compared to river sand
  • Perfect grading for durability
  • Free of silt and organic impurities like clay and stones
  • Superior inter-particle locking
  • Available in two grades: Plaster and Concrete applications

Why VSI Manufactured Sand

Consistent Quality

Since Manufactured from quarry the gradation and quality remains consistent


Due to manufacturing availability is never any issue.

Zero Wastage

Due to manufacturing process zero wastage

Compressive Strength

Higher compressive strength compared to river sand by overcoming deficiencies like segregation, bleeding, honey combing, voids and capillary.

Eco- Friendly

Manufactured Sand is the only alternative to River Sand post ban on dredging of rivers.


Usage of Manufactured Sand can drastically reduce the cost since like river sand, it does not contain impurities and wastage is NIL.


Presence of silt and clay

Advantages of VSI
Manufactured Sand

  • VSI Sand has better Compressive strength
  • VSI Sand achieves 100% strength in just 7 Days
  • Particle size distribution of VSI Sand helps in better cohesively and pump ability of concrete
  • Water Absorption is less in VSI Sand
  • Temperature of Concrete almost remains constant with VSI Sand
  • VSI Sand improves overall quality


Aggregate is a granular material such as naturally available sand, gravel, crushed stone, blast furnace slag, etc. Or artificial granular material which when mixed with hydraulic cement and water, produce concrete and/or mortar.

In concrete, aggregates make up to 75% of the total concrete material.

  • Natural
  • Manufactured / Processed
  • Coarse aggregates (material retained on 4.74 mm sieve)
  • Fine aggregates (material passing 4.75 mm sieve)
  • Rounded
  • Irregular
  • Cubical
  • Flaky angular
  • Elongated
  • Flaky elongated
  • Coal and Ignite
  • Clay lumps
  • Soft Fragments
  • Shale

Factors Influencing
Selection of Aggregates

  • Specific gravity/porosity
  • Chemical stability
  • Surface texture
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Deleterious material